Form 8802 Application – Residency Certification

Let me just start by saying that this topic is a HOT MESS. It may be because it is tax related that I automatically had a predetermined attitude that this would be a complicated form to complete, but the 16 page set of directions that go along with it seem to justify my confusion and frustration.

So after I passed my EPIK interview I received an email from my recruiter telling me that I need to apply for a residency certificate to avoid double taxation.
South Korean won Free IconThis is only applicable to teachers from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States. Candidates from Canada and Ireland and those who resided in Korea for more than 2 years are NOT applicable. For those who cannot apply for this income tax exemption, your income tax (3.3%) will be deducted from your salary. By submitting your residency certificate to your school(employer) in Korea, you will prevent about at least  ₩800,000 (per year) of income tax in Korea per year being deducted. Continue reading