Expedited FBI Criminal Background Check: Accurate Biometrics

Anyone applying to EPIK knows about the dreaded “FBI Criminal Background Check”. No, most of us (I assume) do not have a criminal past, but because the process is notorious for being drawn out, sometimes delayed (looking at you government shutdown!), and adds more time to an already seemingly unbearably long line of “wait and see” necessities required to apply to EPIK.

In the words of Sweet Brown:

Ain’t Nobody got time for THAT!

Shipping truck Free IconSpeeding up this process IS possible. Of course I will say that with every part of this application process, a lot of what you choose to do depends on time and money. I personally wanted to have all of my documents in hand so that as soon as I passed my EPIK interview (knock on wood) I could send off my documents and be in the queue ASAP.

I did my research and discovered that the FBI has a list of “Approved Channelers”. These channelers operate so that they get your fingerprints, they send them to the FBI and the FBI sends the results to them in literally only days vs. the WEEKS (Months, possibly) it usually takes when you do it alone. Continue reading