Tips for Webcam Interviews

open-laptop-with-shining-screen.pngWebcam interviews are becoming more and more commonplace. While this format has revolutionized the way we conduct long-distance interviews, they also present new challenges and things to consider. Some of these tips are pretty obvious but in my experience they have always given me positive results! Here are my tips for webcam interviews.

Your account

  • Make an account

If you haven’t already, make a skype account. Go ahead and make one right now even if you don’t have an interview scheduled. Familiarize yourself with how the program works.

  • Make an appropriate status update

happyThis may be a point that is often overlooked. Skype has a feature where you can make a status message. Make your status message professional or relevant to the position for which you are being interviewed. Remember that your status message history will be visible to your contacts, so keep it all clean and positive.

  • Choose a professional username

Keep it simple. Using your name in a form like “hong.gildong”, “contact.honggildong”, “info.honggildong”, or “hello.honggildong” are safe choices.

  • Choose a professional avatar

This is a no brainer. Make sure your avatar is professional. This is literally most likely the first time the interviewer has ever seen you, so make a good impression from the start.

  • Hide your number of contacts

Unless you have a large number of contacts (50+) hide your number of contacts. Continue reading

Goals: Studying for the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

If I write it for others to see, I will feel more committed and actually follow through with it…theoretically. While in Korea, one of my personal goals is to take the TOPIK, aka Test of proficiency in Korean. While many people who take this examination are doing it for academic or career-oriented reasons, my motives are more casual and personal. I know, it sounds strange to take an exam just for fun, but I want to challenge myself. Continue reading

On your mark, get set…READ!

It’s that time of year again~


Info table/sign up sheet station in our department~

Anyone who works at a public library, especially the youth services department, will tell you that summer is a time like no other. School is out, summer programming is in full swing, and work schedules and loads shift.

This is the 3rd year I have properly worked during the Summer Reading Program. Each year the CSLP (collaborative summer library program) assigns a specific ~theme~ that participating libraries shape (more or less) their programs around. This year’s theme is all about being active/sports. Just in time for the Rio Olympics!

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