EPIK Camp planning

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While teaching under the EPIK program in Korea, one of your responsibilities will be to plan and carry out English Camps during the prolonged holiday breaks.

If you are a teacher with two schools, typically, for summer break, you will teach at one school, and consequently during the winter break you will do a camp at the other school. This is a great time for you to build upon textbook curriculum while bringing your own personal touch, and yes, make things more personal and interesting for students!

Themed camps –

  • PRO: I mean , it’s themed so you have a cohesive umbrella plan for what you will cover. You can build upon a certain set of expressions/vocabulary – Scaffolding.
  • CON: You have that umbrella. I’ve done themed camp only once and I found that it became a little….annoying to stick to the theme for so many days?

Non themed camps

  • PRO: Freedom. Whatever you choose, it goes.
  • CON: May appear a bit unorganized on paper.

Daily structure

This is my typical camp day outline. Not written in stone but generally speaking this is an approach you may find useful.

  1. Warm up/Intro – Key words / Expressions
  2. Project/Video/Game – Typically only paper based activities reinforcing new expressions/vocabulary. or something like musical chairs/duck duck goose with vocab words i.e. not “duck,duck goose!” but instead “apple, apple, orange!” 0.jpg
  3. Craft – Using more tactile materials i.e iClay0.jpg
  4. Snack – Kids get hungry. Simple snack activities i.e. dirt cups/canape are usually easily approved by your school (stay away from anything requiring flame or knives etc.)
  5. Closing – PPT based games

Each of these sections can fluctuate in their length of time. That is a great thing about camp! If something takes longer, that is okay!

Budget – NOT every school has a budget so keep that in mind. 

My schools typically provide me with 300,000-500,000 won per camp. (Your coteacher will use a school card to purchase the items)

Document Organization

I make a folder for each camp and within these folders I make a folder for each day so that I can easily access the files. 제목 없음.png

Curriculum submission

Your Office of Education will require you to submit a “curriculum” or outline of what you plan on teaching for each period, for each day of camp complete with a what materials will be needed. This is so they can see how the budget funds will be spent. Also, it is of course helpful for you and your co-teacher to have a visual map of what you will be doing! Don’t worry too much about this part, you will likely be free to alter the curriculum if you need.

제목 없음

This camp schedule is a little odd with 4 days have 5 “class periods” and two having 4 “class periods”. Usually each day will have around 4 or less class periods.

Whatever you plan to do for your camps, always have fun with your students and branch out to show a different side of your teaching style!

Ad atsra per aspera


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