Must have desk items as a teacher in Korea

As a teacher in Korea, if you have your own personal desk you may be wondering what will be useful during your time in Korea. I will focus on not office supplies, like pencils, post it notes, etc. here, but rather peripherals you should consider.

Most of these items are related to comfort. You will find quickly that when the seasons are at their peak (summer/winter) your personality will alter if you are uncomfortable (sweating/freezing). Do yourself a favor for your psyche and your students and invest in comfort items.

The other items are related to productivity and organization. Remember, an organized teacher, is a happy teacher.

  • pop_digital07.jpgWireless mouse – Free yourself! I switched to a wireless mouse and feel like my speed has increased when I am doing PPTs and making worksheets. ₩8,900 @ Miniso

  • USB hub – Opens up more ports for your phone to charge, your fan/humidifier to run, etc. ~₩10,000 on Gmarket (TG USB Hub)


  • USB humidifier – Great for the winter when the air can be quite dry. Also a good idea when the air pollution is high so the moisture can put the particles at bay. ~₩9,000 (Gmarket)


  • 518HYgVLBNL._SX425_.jpgUSB fan – Summer is terrible. Buy your own desk fan and you will feel WAY better. Having a silent battle over the AC controls is nothing you want to deal with before your 9am class. And you wanna minimize your sweat spots as much as possible (yes, i’m keeping it real. I spent too many times DRYING shirts under the hand dryer in the teachers restroom from the debilitating humidity during the summer) ~16,000 (Gamrket)


  • USB – 32GB is enough so long as you aren’t packing it full of Movies. Cheaper options are surely available, but I stand by my Samsung USB. – ~₩40,000 (Gmarket)


  • Toothbrush/Mini mouthwash – Everyone will brush their teeth after lunch. Pack an extra toothbrush and store it away in a toothbrush case or put it where the other teachers may disinfect theirs. Also get rid of the thought of walking around with Kimchi breath all day. 


  • Hand towel – Wash your hands before lunch! Store it away in a drawer. 


  • Kapamax file holder – Keep your books/papers organized with a simple desk organizer. This may be a no brainer. Also choose a ~funky~ (yeah I said FUNKY) color, to zing your desk. 


  • Mouse pad – For your wireless mouse. Personalizes your space more. I have a shake shack mouse pad but if you go over to KakaoFriends, they have somecute ones, and if your students visit your desk, they will think it is the best thing ever lol. (KakaoFriends) ~₩4,000-₩5,500


  • Seat warmer – Great for the winter when things get sooo cold. This may not be useful for a large period of time, but during your desk warming days (when the heat may be sporadic and the doors of your school WILL be open, this may be your refuge. 


  • – Desk calendar – Even if you don’t use it as a real calendar, everyone else will have one in the office so play along and make yourself look busy lol. If you are looking for a deal on desk calendars, you can purchase them halfway through the year on discount at places like ArtBox. Blank desk calendars are also a great option since you can fill them in yourself. 

If you are teacher in Korea, what are YOUR must haves? Let me know! 🙂

Ad astra per aspera,



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