EPIK: Common questions -With answers from coordinators

Here I have compiled a list of some of the questions and answers from the official EPIK Fall 2016 Facebook page. I hope this is helpful, especially since the people asking the questions are real applicants in real situations and the answers are coming from real EPIK coordinators themselves.

Q: Not sure if this has been asked before, but if we don’t get our first choice for placement- how will EPIK place us? Is there a way to tell them about our second and third choices?

A: Epik Coordinator – We only provide one option for a preference location and do not give a secondary preference location. On rare occasions, some applicants may be asked to change their preference if there are some issues with their documents or they are not eligible for the location they have selected initially.

Q: Does anyone know when we’re allowed to take vacations? I imagine it depends on each school, but just for reference? My dad wants to get married in early June 2017 so I’m wondering if that would fall within a vacation period. Thanks!

A: Epik Coordinator – This depends on schools primarily, but for the most part the summer vacation period is in August and the winter vacation period in February. As noted above, most schools will have camps during this period, so your vacation days will usually be taken in these months and around your camp obligations.

Q: Since I only have my earlobes pierced do I still need the tattoo and piercing sworn declaration?

A: Epik Coordinator – In your situation, that document is not needed

Q: Have any of you guys requested for your residency certification yet? I’m not sure if I am eligible or not, I haven’t been employed officially here in the US, just side jobs without tax being involved

A: Epik Coordinator – This document is not an EPIK-related or application document. It is not needed for any purpose of the EPIK selection process. It is optional and only available to some applicants from certain countries. As the conditions for receiving this document are complicated and related to your personal tax status we cannot offer information on all of the details for obtaining it. We recommend looking into it online for how long it takes to get, but usually, to claim the benefit it needs to be submitted to your school before your first pay check. Please do not have this document sent to the EPIK Office.

Q: Is there any way to get my Bachelors degree notarized and apostilled abroad? I won’t be back home in the US until early July and my parents are unable to get my degree notarized and apostilled without me present. I don’t have the degree in my possession. I don’t want to wait until early July to submit all my documents.

A: Epik Coordinator – Your degree should be able to be notarized and apostilled without you present. Many applicants have been able to do this over the years. The person doing the notarization may have been confused and I would recommend taking it to another notary. We cannot accept a degree (original or copy) that has not been notarized and apostilled.

Q: So for Canadians, for the CRC. Do I need to get the original notarized (by a public notary) or a copy of the original notarized (by a public notary)? Which one do I take to the Korean consulate? I am in Montreal.

A: Epik Coordinator – For Canadians, usually the CRC does not need a notarization since the original will be authenticated by the Korean consulate or embassy. However, we ask that you check with your local Korean consulate or embassy as each may have their own rules and in the past they required a copy be authenticated which required certification. This no longer appears to be the case, but do confirm with the embassy/consulate you will be using for authentication. You should also check with them on the certification/notarization needs for the diploma copy.

Q: Hello all. Can someone explain the settlement allowance? Do we get that before or after the first month?

A: Epik Coordinator – Hello , you should be receiving the settlement allowance within the first month of employment or with your first paycheck. It may come in a few different forms depending on your school but it is a flat amount of 300,000 KRW.

Q: Hi all! Can anyone clarify if the airfare to Korea is paid for by EPIK in advance ? Or do we purchase the ticket out of pocket and are reimbursed after arrival with the 1,300,000 won entrance allowance ? Thanks!

A: Epik Coordinator – Hello XXXXXX , just confirming that what XXXXX stated is correct plus a slight term clarification. EPIK does not reimburse airfare. We provide a 1.3 million won “Entrance Allowance” in lieu of a flight reimbursement. This means that you pay for your flight up-front and then after about 1 month in SK you receive a flat sum of 1.3 mill KRW. No receipts needed and if your flight costs less than that, you keep the difference.It is called an “Entrance Allowance” as it is supposed to be put towards any fees that accrue on your coming to Korea. Hotels, Flights, Documentation, etc.

Q: I have a quick (and somewhat silly) question for those who have already posted their documents! For the application, did you guys remove your digital photo from the application and just attach your passport photo or did you leave it on and just attached the photo?

A: Epik Coordinator – We will paste the real photo over this section, so you can either keep it in or take it out. If your digital photo is distorting the format of your application and you do not know how to fix it, then it may be best to take it out. However, as we ask you to submit a copy of the application along with the original, ink-signed version, this copy should have the digital photo on it.However, if you have already sent your documents in a different manner, this isn’t a terribly big issue as we can resolve the issues in our office. However, following the above makes it easier for us and makes reviewing your documents faster.

Q: Do we trim our photo to fit into the box?

A: Epik Coordinator – It just needs to fit in the general area without covering any other part of the application.

Q: I have to turn in temporary transcripts since I don’t graduate until June. Since they’re non-finalized, do they still have to be a sealed, official copy? Also, should I send the sealed, official copies of my transfer school credits along with the non-finalized copy of my graduating school, or should I wait to send all final, official copies together?

A: Epik Coordinator – All transcripts need to be sealed (this simply means in an officially sealed envelope from your school that has not been opened by you). If you have transfer credits from another university/college and the class or grade does not appear on your main transcripts, then you would need sealed transcripts from all previously attended schools as well.

Q: Does anyone know roughly when we will be asked to arrive in Korea? I assumed sometime in August.

A: Epik Coordinator – Hello, the orientation will more than likely be sometime around August 18th (give or take 3 days). The exact time and location has not been set yet and we highly recommend not purchasing a flight until after you have received a contract and visa.

Q: Documents arrived in Korea! and now I wait for a placement….anyone know around when they announce that?

A: Epik Coordinator – The initial batch of results is expected around the end of May or beginning of June with more results continuing to be released in intervals following this until all positions are filled.

Q: Can I clarify with anyone from Canada on this? – “The only documents that need to be apostilled are the national level CRC and notarized copy of your undergraduate degree.”
To my understanding, I will have to do the following steps:
1) Notarize my Letter of Expected Graduation at any firm (e.g. law firm) that can notarize it. – I won’t receive my diploma until May 30
2) Bring the notarized Letter of Expected Graduation and CRC to the Korean consulate to get it apostilled.
3) Notarize a copied version of my diploma when I receive it, then bring it to the Korean consulate to get it apostilled?
Is this correct?

A: Epik Coordinator – The letter of expected graduation does not need to be notarized or apostilled. Also, Canadians do not receive apostilles. They need to have their documents authenticated by their local Korean consulate or embassy.Both the CRC and diploma copy need to be authenticated. Please contact your Korean embassy/consulate for instructions on getting your documents authenticated correctly as each may have a slightly different process.

Q: I notice that everyone who has passed their interview has said they will see everyone in August. My interviewer did say that just because we have passed our interview we might still not get a place if our documents aren’t submitted in time or correctly. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but think it’s important to remember we still have to get final approval!

A: Epik Coordinator – A position is not finalized until your documents have been submitted, reviewed and accepted by an office of education. Usually, as long as documents are submitted correctly and in a timely manner, a placement is likely but not guaranteed. As the final decision is up to the offices of education, it is important to be flexible for placement preference and to ensure all on the application and stated in the interview is accurate.

Q: Hey guys! It looks like lots of people are getting interview emails… very exciting! Does anyone know how long after the interview you can expect a response from EPIK? I know they have A LOT of interviews to get through, but was just wondering on a time frame if there was one!

A: Epik Coordinator – Following the interview, it will be 2-3 business days before receiving the results of your interview.

Q: Hey everyone, got my police clearance. Does this have to be notarized along with having an apostille? Or do we just use the original and get that an apostille?

A: Epik Coordinator – For UK applicants, we ask that you confirm with your apostille office on how the document should be treated in order to have it apostilled correctly. For the background check, the original should used, but do ask the apostille office if there are any additional steps for them to be able to apostille it.

Q: EPIK applicants from the U.S. — I have a question! I’m looking at the documents list, and I see that it asks for a Criminal Record Check, and that it should not be older than 6 months from the start date.However, it says U.S. applicants must submit an FBI one.1. Does this mean I need both a police-level background check AND an FBI background check?2. Does the “not older than 6 months” also apply to the FBI-level background check? I planned on using a channeler, so I’m not worried I won’t get it in time; I’m worried I would have it too early to be approvable when I depart.Thanks 🙂

A: Epik Coordinator  – For American applicants, they must submit only the FBI criminal record check. For the initial intake of those coming in late August for the Fall 2016 term, the FBI check should be dated no earlier than February 1st. For those wanting to come in the late intake it should be dated no earlier than March 1st for those coming in late September and no earlier than April 1st for those coming in late October.

Q: Is there anyone else applying who also has no teaching experience? I feel like that would greatly lessen the chances of being accepted … I also heard that it was difficult to get accepted by EPIK :(Thoughts?

A: Epik Coordinator  – While having teaching experience is always a plus, it is not a requirement for the program. Every term we accept many applicants who are just beginning their careers in teaching and education.

Q: For those of you who were waiting to send in FBI CBCs because you didn’t want to be too early, you should definitely go ahead and send them since we are past the six months prior mark.

A: Epik Coordinator  – We strongly recommend that all applicants use a channeler. Going through the FBI will take incredibly long and this could seriously impact your application if documents are sent too late.

Q: Hey guys! Quick question! I’m Irish and completed my university education in Ireland so I am about to get those notarized and apostilled. However, I gained my teaching qualification (PGCE) in the UK, should I have this notarized and apostilled in the UK or Ireland? Thanks in advance.

A: Epik Coordinator For the PGCE, if this is being used as your proof of level 2, a copy of the original would be accepted. It does not need to be notarized or apostilled.

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