Interview of EPIK proportions: EPIK Interview- Fall 2016 perspective

After all your hard work, all of the stress and waiting, you open your email at some point, most likely at the weeeeeeee hours of the morning (if you’re in North America), and you see the message reading “You have passed the first selection phase and we would like to invite you to participate in an interview via Skype (webcam)”. There it is, your invitation to interview with EPIK.


Actual photo of me awakened from my slumber trying to read the email at 2AM

Now your initial reaction will most likely be one of sheer excitement, and it should be, this is an exciting moment! Followed by anxiety. What should I expect? What will I wear? What will they ask me? Where should I do my interview? What if the internet connection fails? What if CL never makes her US debut?? Okay.. maybe not that last one…but forreal.

I have read several nightmare interview stories on here but I think those are VERY rare instances and should not be a cause for concern.

I won’t go into much detail on the specific questions that were asked during my interview, but I will advise you to know your application, your personal essays, your lesson plan, and also yourself and why you want to do this. If you can answer these questions, you should do well! They really want to know more about you. My interview lasted around 15 minutes.

My Interview Timeline

  • April 1 – Application sent to EPIK HQ via KorVIa Consulting
  • April 7 – Received notification from EPIK (this was an error) for interview on April 11
  • April 11 – Interview rescheduled
  • April 14 – Interview with EPIK
  • April 18 – KorVia notification of successful interview

Word of warning:

  • Stay away from mentioning Kpop or Kdrama. One way you could make this a plus is if you say Korean music led you to learn the language (better be prepared to back it up) or that you watched a historical drama that taught you certain things about Korean culture/history.
  • Make sure your skype username is professional. They don’t want to interview
    someone with an ID like KyungsoosBabyGurl69
  • Clean up the background of your interview space. 

Leading up to the interview it is a good idea to test out your Skype webcam/audio. My recruiter helped me out with this and we addressed several….technical issues…..I had and made the best of it. Having a mock interview with a friend is also a good idea just so you get a feel of how you may want to answer basic questions.


Find a way to show your interviewer you know about current events in Korea! pc:yonhap

My interviewer was very pleasant and I could tell that she was trying to learn about ME and MY motivation and knowledge. I know it is easier said than done but just relax, stay positive, dress well, speak clearly, smile, and show through your interview that YOU are the best candidate. Make a great impression. This interview is for a teaching position, show how enthusiastic you are about working with children and teaching! Let them know that you are human rather than just another application. My interview happened the day after election day in Korea, so I found a way to incorporate that point in my interview to show that I pay attention to current events in Korea. My interviewer seemed to take to it well and was impressed.  Also, keep in mind that they see something in you already that they like. “감사합니다” at the end of your interview is also a good idea!

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Ad astra per aspera,


Disclaimer: Information provided in this post is based on Fall 2016 intake requirements for a US applicant.


3 thoughts on “Interview of EPIK proportions: EPIK Interview- Fall 2016 perspective

  1. DW says:

    All of your posts are super helpful! I have my interview on Tuesday and it’s good to kind of know what to expect and be ready for what comes after.

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