EPIK Timeline – Fall 2016 (An ongoing saga!)

Here is the timeline of my EPIK application process 

Stage 1

  • July July 2, 2015 – Degree copy notarized
  • July 8, 2015 – Notarized degree copy apostille by KS Secretary of State
  • January 18 – Enrolled in Online TEFL program
  • January 20 – Fingerprinted at local police station
  • February 1 – EPIK begins accepting applications for Fall 2016 intake
  • February 2 – Photos uploaded and cropped via epassportphoto.com
  • February 11- Completed Online TEFL program
  • February 21 – Applied to KorVia Consulting
  • February 21~ish – Sent fingerprints to Accurate Biometrics for expedited FBI CRC
  • February 23 – KorVia skype interview scheduled with Jessie Kim (She is the BEST!)
  • February 25th – KorVia skype interview
  • February 26 – Fingerprint background check completed by FBI
  • March 14th – Submitted EPIK Application to KorVia for screening
  • March 17th – EPIK Application new portion added – changes made and approved by KorVia
  • March 22 – CRC Apostilled by US Department of State

    STAGE 2

  • April 1st – EPIK Application sent to EPIK HQ by Korvia
  • April 7 – Email from EPIK inviting me for a skype interview for April 11 (April 10th where I am!). Interview scheduled earlier than expected due to “Internal Procedures”.
  • April 10th – Ready for interview – testing webcam with recruiter when she tells me EPIK need to reschedule.
  • April 10th – Interview rescheduled for April 14th @ 9:20Am KST (April 13th for me)
  • April 13th – Interview with EPIK. Asked to revise lesson plan.
  • April 18th – Passed EPIK interview
  • April 19th – Submitted revised lesson plan and EPIK application to my recruiter for screening.
  • April 20th – Sent documents to Korea via UPS
  • April 25th – Documents arrived at KorVia office for screening.
  • April 25th – Documents Forwarded to EPIK HQ same day by KorVia.
  • April 25th – Mailed Tax Residency Certificate application to IRS
  • April 27th – Residency Certificate application arrives at Department of the Treasury
  • May 12th – Notified that my documents have passed EPIK HQ screening
  • May 19th – Received Tax Residency Certifications (Form 6166)
  • June 13 – EPIK announced that first batch of placements coming this week
  • June 14th – EPIK stops accepting applications for Fall 2016 intake

Stage 3

  • June 17 – Notified via KorVia of Placement with the Gwangju MOE
  • July 1 – Preliminary Orientation information released by EPIK coordinator on FB page
  • July 6 – NOA and Visa documents sent via DHL from KorVia
  • July 7 – NOA and Visa documents arrive
  • July 10 – Visa documents sent to Korean Consulate in Chicago 
  • July 13 – Visa documents arrive at Chicago consulate via USPS
  • July 21 – Started and completed online pre-orientation 

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5 thoughts on “EPIK Timeline – Fall 2016 (An ongoing saga!)

  1. Alanna says:

    So I just randomly came across your blog, and I’m applying to EPIK Fall 2016 as well! Seems like you really have everything together! Where did you ask to be placed? The last thing I need to do is the residency certificate. Any tips on that as well?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cylmac says:

    I’m going through EPIK for this Fall as well and stumbled upon your blog! I love reading all these timelines and seeing how they differ to mine. Good luck with everything leading up to your departure!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ashley M. says:

    Hello! I just came across your blog and I am currently in the process of sending my documents in for the Spring 2017 intake. I heard back last Sunday that I passed my interview and that same day I sent in my revised lesson plan and application to my coordinator so that he could review it, but now 5 days later, I have not heard back. I saw in your above timeline that you sent your revised application and then the very next day you mailed all of your documents. Did you receive a response from your coordinator right away, or did you just mail in your application with your documents in hopes that the coordinator would not reject any part of it? Just curious, as I have all of my documents ready to go, and I am just waiting on this final piece of the puzzle 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • ks2sk says:

      If you have received confirmation that you have passed your interview (wasn’t aware that EPIK gave them this early) things are pretty solid. I went through a recruiter so I simply submitted my revised documents, and all documents directly to my recruiting agency, which in turn forwarded it to EPIK HQ. Also buckle up because here in Korea we have a 10 day holiday so you will hear nothing for about 2 weeks. Good luck and hang tight!

      Liked by 1 person

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